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Optimism Retreats

Is there a dream you’ve had for “someday,” and you’re wondering if someday will ever come?

Do you feel a nudge, a spark, or an inkling that you are called for something more, but you aren’t sure how to implement it in your life?

Do you wonder if there is still time to live your ideal life?

Make Life Blossom™ is your chance to gather in a luxurious setting to dive into these questions, create plans for more joy and fulfillment in your life, and develop practical steps for accomplishing your big dreams and bucket list goals!

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Tell me more…

Make Life Blossom  will involve reconnecting with your dreams, your “someday,” and developing the steps to turn your “someday” into reality. There will be a lot of self-reflection and truth telling (if even privately in your journal), and even more dreaming. Little dreams and BIG dreams!

This retreat will give you the opportunity to contemplate the path you’re on and take a closer look at what is keeping you from living your ideal life. We’ll be there to help you along this journey, so you can show up as you are – a perfectly imperfect work in progress! But fear not, it’s not all going to be about going deep, feeling your emotions and bearing your soul – there’ll be plenty of time for fun and laughter, sharing delicious meals, and building both a plan and a community to support you in your next steps.

Be kind to yourself. Dream great dreams. Listen to your heart. Celebrate your strengths. Appreciate your talents. Delight in your own uniqueness. Find time for joy. Give of yourself. Lean into the hard work. Seize new opportunities. Find wonder.

– M.H. Clark

Elizabeth, your retreat hostess

If these questions sound familiar, it’s because I’ve been there before. On paper I had a great life. I was “happy enough,” but there was always this lingering question of “Am I meant for more?” I had so many dreams for “someday,” but I was putting my life, my dream life, on hold for the safe and practical life, for the life everyone else wanted me to live.

I still remember the first time I took a trip by myself, 100% for me, and sitting at an Italian restaurant in Chelsea ordering a 2nd glass of wine (which I NEVER did unless everyone else was). It was then and there where I decided THERE IS STILL TIME TO LIVE MY IDEAL LIFE. The life I dreamed of involved running my own business, living part time in Europe, and sharing my optimism with the world. 

That realization, and the subsequent steps I took to live my ideal life, has enabled me to help others create their ideal life, their ideal circumstances. 

It’s rare to find someone who is an inspiring speaker and a gifted facilitator. And when that person is also THE messenger for how to live, work and create from a place of optimism, that person can be none other than Elizabeth Shaw. Elizabeth knows how to ask just the right questions, guide you toward more meaning and fulfillment, and she really sees you. She illuminates opportunities where others only spot obstacles, and she champions you (even when, especially when, you have forgotten how to champion yourself). Elizabeth is a treasure – and everyone who has the opportunity to work with her should!

Alexia Vernon, Author of Step into Your Moxie

Projects and activities included in all of our retreats:

  • Taking time to pause, be still, and disconnect from the demands of every day life.
  • Dreaming big!
  • Pondering deeply evocative questions and prompts to help reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re headed.
  • Clarifying what brings you the most joy and fulfillment, and creating tools to implement these in your everyday life.
  • Considering the space between the known and unknown, and explore the growing edges of your own story.
  • Exploring creative and engaging activities to help reconnect to your purpose and passions.
  • Listening and be listened to without performance evaluation, or judgement.
  • Considering what it means to THRIVE, not just survive.
  • Developing practical steps and a roadmap for fulfilling your big dreams and bucket list goals!

Who it’s for

Make Life Blossom is for women who want to honor who they REALLY are, not who they (or the world) think they ‘should’ or ‘ought to’ be. It’s for women who want to learn to listen to their still, small voice, pay attention to their own heart tugs, and pursue their purpose and passions. Women who want to authentically show up, speak their truth, dream bigger, and live a more fullfilling and joyful life.

What I Want for You

I want you to have the time and space to reflect on your path, and reconnect with dreams that you once had and that you’ve yet to explore. My intention is for you to move those ‘someday’ dreams into small actions you can take today to make them a reality, moving you towards the fulfillment of your big dreams tomorrow. I want you to experience a retreat (and a community) that believes in you, in your big dreams, and supports you in mapping out and taking steps that make those dreams a reality. My dream is for this retreat to be the launching pad for your deeper, more vibrant, joyful living in your passions.

What You Can Expect

Expect connection, community, and a safe space to contemplate your journey and implement practical next steps for creating or expanding upon your ideal life. Prepare to reflect and refresh, have fun and be stretched, and walk away changed in the very best way.

Expect to be well cared for in a luxurious setting with delicious food and wine, opportunities to soak up the local culture, and time to indulge in making decisions that are true to you and what you need as you take steps towards your ideal life.

Don’t live down to expectations. Go out there and do something remarkable.

– Wendy Wasserstein

Or contact me to customize a retreat for your group!

Past Retreats


A block from Sonoma’s quaint town square, step into the Cottage Inn & Spa and be transformed by its peaceful setting. Enjoy a private room and suite featuring unique architectural design elements, some with fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs, and private patios. Wander into the zen garden for quiet reflection, or enjoy conversation around the fountains. Adding to the charm, a continental breakfast is deliverd to your room each morning.

Included in the Wine Country Retreat:

  • 3 nights accommodations at The Cottage Inn & Spa in a private room with ensuite bathroom
  • Breakfast each morning in your room or at a local cafe
  • Welcome wine reception
  • 2 gourmet wine country dinners
  • 3 light wine country style lunches in conjunction with retreat activities
  • Exclusive wine country activities, including a private winery visit and private wine tasting
  • Optional free-time experience such as spa or guided hikes
  • All retreat curriculum and teaching
  • All retreat supplies and workshop materials
  • Roundtrip transportation from San Francisco Airport to Sonoma (for Thursday arrivals and Sunday/Monday departures)


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