It is finally starting to feel like spring, a season filled with hope and optimism. April is one of those months that reminds us that on the other side of a long, cold, dark, and dreary season there is sunshine, longer warmer days, a chance to bloom, and new life.

This sentiment is not solely about weather and nature, but a great reminder about the seasons of life.

This April we have been focusing on leaving the world a bit better. In big ways, small ways, meaningful ways.

Here are some of our favorite suggestions on how to leave the world a bit better, spread some sunshine, and help things bloom.

Invest in People: Give a neighbor some of your time to help them with a project around their house, teach your niece or nephew a new skill, mentor someone at work, or collaborate with a colleague to help them solve a problem. Investing in people helps lighten their load, bring more joy and connection, and leave everyone a bit better.

Use Your Resources: Resources are more than just money… resources can be time, expertise, connections, your voice. Volunteer at a local charity, buy a hot meal for the homeless person you pass on the street every day, share a cause you are passionate about on social media or at dinner with friends, teach a course at the local community center. Sharing your resources creates a sense of abundance and gratitude, both of which leave everyone involved a bit better.

Share Your Ideas, Beliefs, and Values: What we focus on expands, and I advocate for kindness and compassion and love. That can come through sharing your positivity with others, instilling core values in your children, sharing your faith with a friend who is searching for answers, or approaching your work and your colleagues with commitment to ethics and diligence and collaboration. Spreading meaningful, positive ideas, beliefs, and values creates a ripple effect of those positive viewpoints in the world, which absolutely leaves the world a bit better.

Miscellaneous Favorites: Plant a garden. Buy the spare-change charity newspaper from the guy selling it in front of my coffee shop. Buy coffee for the person behind me in line. Visit an elderly neighbor. Leave a book in the Little Free Library. Volunteer at my favorite charity. Donate clothes and household items that are in good shape but I don’t need anymore. Spend time with my family – real, quality time. Help a friend paint their house. Make eye contact and genuinely ask someone how they are.

For even more ideas on ways to brighten someone else’s day, check out our friend Annette’s blog post 75 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas on her blog, Bucketlist Journey.

Leaving the world a bit better doesn’t require grand gestures or millions of dollars. It can start now, today, with small steps. But the impact will last a lifetime.

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With Optimism,

Elizabeth Shaw & The Davine Team