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Davine was created in order to build a more optimistic world – one individual, leader, organization, and community at a time. I’m doing this by:

  • Helping organizations bring their mission to life through live events,
  • Sharing the message of optimism on stage at conferences,
  • Coaching leaders on how to build an optimistic culture or use optimism to become a stronger leader,
  • Leading workshops to help teams collaborate more in the spirit of optimism

There are common themes, noted below, which are most used to bring this message of optimism to workshops, speeches, and consulting. That said, if you need anything else that would help build a more optimistic world, let’s chat!

Most Requested Topics:

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About Elizabeth

Optimism Speaker | Entrepreneur & Event Strategist | Author

Elizabeth Shaw is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and eternal optimist. She resoundingly debunks the myth that you must lead a “charmed life” in order to be bold, successful and optimistic. Inspiring confidence in audiences with her warmth and expertise, Elizabeth has graced the stages of professional associations, non-profits, corporations and chambers of commerce. Using humor, wit and real-life examples from her personal and professional life, Elizabeth resonates and engages with her audience on an intimate level, while providing clarity on how optimism is critical for individual fulfillment and success, as well as organizational growth and longevity.

Building on her message of optimism, Elizabeth published her first book, The Optimist’s Manifesto: An Optimist’s Guide to Living in the Real World, in August 2018.

Elizabeth has over 20 years of organizational, operational, and event management experience. Her company, Davine, is a strategic consulting firm dedicated to facilitating individual and organizational experiences, events, and engagement to build a world of optimism.

Sample Clients and Partners Include:

Most Requested Topics

Elizabeth has the uncanny ability to draw you out and draw you in at the same time. She engages in a way that makes you truly feel seen and heard and then helps guide your way wit ha passion for purpose that outpaces your own. What a gift!

Ally Donnelly
Reporter, NBC Boston

Optimism as a Superpower

What potential could blossom if we stopped defaulting to pessimism? If we believed anything was possible and refused to settle for the status quo? In this vibrant, personal talk, Elizabeth discusses how optimism is her superpower and illustrates how having an optimistic mindset can have a profound effect on your relationships, work, and self-identity.

Audience members receive:

  • Insightful encouragement to tap into their own optimism, and clarity on what a mindset of optimism is (and is not)
  • Tangible ideas on how optimism can create a more fulfilling and successful life
  • Practical advice to implement elements of an optimistic lifestyle in work, relationships, community, and individually

Optimism Culture

“Engagement” is all the rage among business strategists today. Unfortunately, many businesses and organizations default this as an HR initiative versus an overall business strategy that involves all departments’ influence. Even then, when it’s implemented company-wide, many still fall short. That being said, the question remains – how do you effectively engage?

Organizations that cultivate a culture of optimism – an environment that fosters possibility and curates the best potential results for all parties – are able to attract and retain high performers, build stronger more collaborative teams, increase employee buy-in of important initiatives, and improve customer engagement.

Elizabeth has seen, firsthand, the impact optimistic cultures have on organizations and shares why fostering a culture of optimism – where everyone from the C-Suite on down – believes in, and strives for, the best possible result – is critical to an organization’s bottom line and ability to innovate.

Audience members receive:

  • Demystify what optimism is, why it’s important, and how to cultivate it within your organization
  • Explore how to gain support and alignment cross-departmentally to create and implement decision-making that benefits an organization’s mission and bottom line
  • Discover how to use organizational culture to attract top talent and improve customer experience

Elizabeth harnesses optimism as a key tenet of her message as an eloquent speaker, wise coach, and encouraging mentor. I continue to be impressed with the manner in which she innovates around this key concept in her teaching and education of others. She will leave you inspired to change the world.

Erica Chapman
Vice President of Workplace Productivity, Akamai

The Optimistic Leader

Whether in the business world or our local community, a good leader must always plan for the best and prepare for the worst. The difference between good and great organizations is the ability to navigate these extremes. Building a culture of optimism – an environment that fosters possibility and curates the best potential results for all parties – often starts from the top and is key to business and organizational success. But what does a culture of optimism look like? In this animated and humorous talk, Elizabeth touches on real-life experiences as an entrepreneur and community leader to illustrate why it’s imperative to lead, live, and work with a mindset of optimism, and how, as a leader, you can inspire change and growth amongst your staff and organization as a whole.

Audience members receive:

      • Demystify what optimism is, and what changes a leader can make, personally, that will impact cultivation within an organization or community
      • Determine what optimistic tools will work best in an organization to create raving fans internally and externally, enabling new levels of growth and success
      • Practical advice to implement elements of an optimistic lifestyle in work, relationships, community, and individually


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