“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein

Over the last few weeks I’ve been having a lot of conversations about life goals and dreams. Too often, I am hearing people I care about sell themselves short because they think where they are now limits where they can go in the future.

Whether it’s buying a dream house, landing a dream job, being fulfilled in a relationship with an awesome partner, so many of us (myself included at times!) limit ourselves because we don’t see how we can possibly move from where we are now to where we want to be in the future.

To reinforce what Qubein says in the introductory quote, where you are right now DOES NOT determine whether or not you can reach the dreams and goals you have for the future.

The biggest piece of advice I’ve been sharing in these recent conversations is this:

“Stop focusing on where you are and invest ALL of your energy in where you want to be and how you’re going to get there.”

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It’s not always easy, I know. When our current situations demand so much of our attention. When we’re struggling to save money it’s hard to see how we can buy our dream house. When our job seems like a dead end and we’re not fully trained for the job we want, it’s hard to envision an ideal job opportunity coming together seamlessly. When our relationships are challenging or not moving in the direction we want, it’s equally challenging to envision how we’ll reach the place when they’re totally rocking.

But optimism is not simply about seeing where we’re at as either half full or half empty, it’s always about what we do with the glass. This is where inspiring solutions and motivating change comes into play. This is what enables us to focus on what we’re going to do with our glass, with our life, from here on out. It’s also critical in supporting others in their dreams and goals.

Later this month we’ll discuss some tangible steps you can take to inspire solutions and motivate change, but in my experience, before you start doing that you have to believe in the possibilities.

So many of us have these amazing dreams and goals, but there’s a part of ourselves – sometimes hidden deep within, and sometimes very vocal – that doubts whether or not these dreams are possible, that doubts if we deserve these dreams, that worries about what people will think if they know what we hope for, that is paralyzed by the fear of failure and disappointment if we don’t accomplish these dreams. And so, that part of us tricks us into not truly believing that our dreams are possible and worthy of our pursuits. We’re also often guilty of allowing that same voice to quiet the dreams of others.

Which means this is where we have to start the process of accomplishing our dreams. We have to believe. Both for ourselves and for those around us.

When I first start working towards a dream, I take time to journal about it… so here are some journal prompts for you as you consider a goal you want to tackle:

Write about your vision, your dream, your goal.

What does it look like for you to achieve it? How do you know you’ve achieved it?

What does it feel like when you’re living that goal? Are you content? Inspired? Invigorated? Proud?

Do you know why you want to pursue this dream or goal? What spark does it ignite in you? What passion does it fulfill?

As you’re journaling, whatever you do please do not give in to the “rational” brain that starts to make you question or doubt if it’s possible, if you deserve this dream, if you have what it takes to reach it… for now, dream big and deep and allow yourself to believe.

If you’d like to take it a step further, take a few minutes and write down 5-10 various ways the dream CAN happen. We’re great at shooting down dreams and rationalizing away all of the reasons something might not happen, but take some time to write many ways it can. It’s easy to get stuck in thinking that there is only 1 way to accomplish a goal, but in reality, there are multiple variations of reaching the same result if we think creatively and we’re open to possibility.

Allow yourself some time to sit in that goal, that dream, that vision of what it’s like when you’ve ended up where you want to be. Enjoy the moment of looking ahead to something you are excited by.

And if you’re so inclined, please share that dream or vision with us! Our team is great at being cheerleaders for others, and we’d love to encourage you in your pursuit. Because we believe in you!! So e-mail us at hello@davine.com or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Stay tuned in 2 weeks for next steps on how to inspire solutions and motivate change in order to reach your goals…

With Optimism,

Elizabeth Shaw & The Davine Team