It’s hard to say that I have favorites among my “to be” list, because they are all things that contribute to me feeling like a complete, fulfilled and overall rockstar of a person, but BE EXPRESSIVE very easily could be my favorite.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that we all long to be heard, to be seen, to be known for who we are. The tricky part is, that can’t happen if we don’t put ourselves out there, if we don’t express who we are. Sometimes this means being expressive to other people, but so often it just means being expressive with ourselves.

This taps into that inner core, who we are at the heart of it all, what we’re feeling, what we want, what we dream about and long to create, and puts it into something tangible.

Much of my expressiveness comes in writing. Often times it is just journaling for my own sake, and occasionally it becomes something that is shared with others – a letter to a friend, a blog post, or a response to an article or quote that I read. I never feel more in tune with my core person than when I am expressing myself through writing. I don’t consider myself especially eloquent, but there is a confidence and articulateness (is that a real word?) that comes when I am writing that I struggle for when I speak. My conversation style often frustrates people because I am so mindful of my choice of words, that I take a looooong time to say something that is very personal and important. But all of those hesitations disappear when I am writing – perhaps because there is an erase button and I can edit before sharing – but words flow much more freely when I’m putting them to paper than when I’m speaking them.

Expressiveness has taken on other forms in my life as well. When I have time, which seems rare for all of us these days, I love to express myself through art – making cards or scrapbooks or inspirational signs. And gifts. I LOVE gift giving, and for me, it is a form of expression – not only of my own creativity and attentiveness to others (if I do say so myself) – but of the value someone else has in my life.

Saying difficult things, or expressing down deep heartfelt emotions or thoughts, is one of the best but also most challenging forms of expressiveness. The messiest for sure. But so often the most rewarding.

I am not a fashionista, not in any sense of the word or by any stretch of the imagination. Until a few years ago my wardrobe consisted of 2 pairs of shoes and every article of clothing in white or black, with the occasional splash of a deep red (my favorite color). But I’ve since learned that my clothing choices are an expression of who I am.

Expressiveness can take any form. The way we smile or greet another person, the openness with which we share our likes and dislikes, the genuinity in how we converse. It doesn’t have to be some grand piece of art you’ve created, although it’s awesome when we can, but simply taking a moment to express to yourself or others what you value, what you dream of, hope for, and believe – these are beautiful moments to share. And on the flip side, take a moment to give someone else an open door to express themselves as well.

Tell Me…

How do you express yourself?

When do you feel most seen or heard for who you are?

In what ways do you wish you could express yourself more? I’m here to listen… there’s an open door to BE EXPRESSIVE.